In 2011 Livingston County, its Department of Economic Development, and the Area Chamber of Commerce/Tourism partnered to initiate a countywide “Find it in Livingston” campaign. The mission of the campaign is to stimulate local spending through a variety of programs and local marketing campaigns including “Shop in Livingston” and “Eat in Livingston” promotions.
When you shop in county, your money stays in your community! Sales tax generated anywhere in Livingston County is shared among all towns and villages countywide!
Sales tax revenue:
  • Offsets costs for emergency services, health and safety.
  • Keeps roads and infrastructure safe.
  • Keeps your property taxes lower.
  • Maintains parks and public spaces.
When you shop, dine and play in Livingston County, your money stays right here, supporting the businesses that have already invested in our shared success, spurring further job creation and sparking new opportunities for our whole community. The more you discover about Livingston County, the more you’ll come to realize that our “you’ll find it here” motto is the truth! Livingston is a great place to live, work, shop, dine and play!
Want to increase sales tax revenue by $1,432,106* a year? 
Make a point to get your morning cup of coffee in Livingston County, what a difference it will make! Just $1.50 per day spent by each resident in the County would increase our sales tax revenue by $1,432,106* a year!
Want to increase sales tax revenue by $4,080,523* a year?
Fill your gas tank up in Livingston County and see what happens! If each Livingston County resident spent $30 each week to fill up in Livingston, sales tax revenue would increase by $4,080,523* annually!
Want to increase sales tax revenue by $627,772* a year?
Choose one item that you buy each month at the mall or online… a gift, a book, or even a meal… and buy it in Livingston instead! A $20 purchase each month by each County resident would raise sales tax revenues by $627,772* each year!
**Based on a population of 65,393 (according to the 2010 census) and Livingston County’s 4% share of state sales tax.

Livingston County Towns and Villages

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